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Free plugins that make it easy to build and maintain a photography website.

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Create dynamic galleries of photos from taxonomies, featured images, and more.

Image Taxonomies

Creates taxonomies from EXIF and XMP meta-data embedded in your photos.

Latest Images

Adds a shortcode to display a gallery of the latest images uploaded to the Media Library.

Masonry Gallery

Extends the core Gallery shortcode to add a masonry style display option.

Sideways Gallery

Extends the core gallery shortcode to add a "sideways" slider display option.
Premium Support

Buy a Premium Support Plan and help fund the on-going development of PhotoPress.

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Are the plugins free?

Yes. You may download and install any of the PhotoPress plugins directly from the WordPress plugin repository. However, we ask that you purchase a Premium Support Plan in order to help fund on-going development and access support resources.

What is Premium Support, and why do I need it?

Premium Support provides you access to the developers of PhotoPress who can answer any questions that you have about how to install and use the plugins. Premium Support is also a way for you to help fund the on-going development new features. If you are getting value from PhotoPress please consider giving back by purchasing a Premium Support Plan.

Why do you charge for support and not for the plugins themselves?

There are two reasons we do this: 1) we want to support the GPL nature of WordPress plugins, and 2) nothing sucks more than paying for something that doesn’t work the way you thought it would, or fail to produce the value you had hoped for. Once you do get value from one or more PhotoPress plugins we ask that you purchase a support plan that best meets your needs.

Do I have to buy Premium Support?

No. You may use the plugins for free without support from the developers.

Can I get help without a Premium Support Plan?

We do not provide support via the WordPress Plugin Repository forums. Support Plans start at $49/year – that’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee each month.

Is Premium Support unlimited?

As long as you have an active support plan, there is no limit on the number of support requests you can initiate. However, you may only obtain support for the number of plugins specified in your support plan.

Where do I get support?

You can initiate a support request by using the support form located at the bottom of your My Account page.

Can I cancel or change my support plan?

Yes. You may cancel your support plan at anytime from your My Account page. If you wish to change support plans, then you must cancel your current plan and subscribe to a new one. Please note that, when canceling, we do not provide any refund for the remaining time that you have on your current plan.

About PhotoPress

PhotoPress is a collection of plugins that make it easy to build and maintain photography websites using WordPress. The plugins are maintained by Peter Adams who is the author of the Guide to WordPress for Photographers and a a professional photographer based in Silicon Valley.

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